The Crescent Pilgrimage of 13 February 1999

In the Head of Steam
Foreground table, clockwise from bottom left: Simon's Mith, Silk, Mr Wild Pants, Jim, Hugo Rune, Nat, Yer Mom, Dan, Dunx. Background, left to right: Rob, Twiki/Albert, and some non-Crescent friends of Suzy helping him get pissed celebrate his 21st.

"There were also Badgers in those days..."
A rarer sepia daguerrotype of Badger's great-grandfather.

Silk plays a brown token
In this dramatic reconstruction, Simon's Mith's finger acts as a stunt double for Silk's.

A critical juncture
Moments later, Dunx (seated left) triumphantly won, ostensibly by a striled co-shuffle along the Bakerloo across an indirect Singen block, but which looked to the rest of us like sweeping up the tokens and eating them.

Everyone exhibits their usual behaviour
L to R: Dunx, Nat, Dan, Hugo Rune, Simon's Mith's back, Nina, Twiki/Albert, Yer Mom, Jim, Mr. Wild Pants.

On the platform
Left to right (heads): Twiki/Albert, Suzy, Nina, Susi, Mr. Wild Pants, John, Simon's Mith, Silk, Jim, Yer Mom, Dan, Dunx, Rob.

The above ground shrine
Standing on left: Susi, John, Suzy, Twiki/Albert, Yer Mom. Standing/leaning on right: Hugo Rune, Rob, Jim, Simon's Mith, Mr. Wild Pants. On ground: Dan, Nina, Silk, Nat.

Some more pictures taken by Nina are here.

WARNING: the following link should not be clicked by those of a nervous disposition.

Pictures taken by Raak with his new toy.