Day and Night

Richard Kennaway

Day and Night disputed which of the two was the stronger. Night said, "I am the stronger, for every day must surrender to me in the end." Day replied, "Not so, for from every night I arise again, and its darkness is as if it had never been."

Night countered, "But that day also, I defeat. You can hold me at bay for but a few brief hours before your warmth and light are extinguished. Even in the far polar wastes where you wanly cling to the world for six months, the longer you hold sway, the longer is my inevitable victory." And Day replied, "However long your span, the seeds of my victory are present even in your very beginning. Day shall always be victorious again."

Night said, "The Earth is mine, and you are only a temporary occupant, always moving from place to place." Day said, "No, the Earth is mine, and it is you who are the shiftless vagrant, hiding from my fiery blaze."

Night said, "See the utter darkness of the universe, lit by nothing but a few glimmering pinpricks! Only here, huddled next to this little star, can you pretend that you have any real power." Day said, "You hide like a frightened squirrel from the brightness of even this little star! Only by fleeing to the barren reaches of empty space can you pretend that you have any real power."

They might be at it still -- were there ever such foolish people?

© Richard Kennaway, 1997.