The Insanity Wolf Sanity Check

This is Insanity Wolf.

Insanity Wolf is insane. The clue is in the name.
Insanity Wolf says things like:


Here is the Insanity Wolf Sanity Test.

If you encounter an idea for which,
however watertight the argument leading to it,
you hear it in the voice of Insanity Wolf,
screaming at you,
a voice that absolutely will not stop, ever,
until you are dead,
then maybe you should reject that idea,
even if you do not have a refutation of it.

Anyone speaking in that voice,
even if outwardly quiet and reasonable,
wants something
that you should probably not give.

There are many examples below.
These are not advice.
They are anti-advice,
examples by which you may know Insanity Wolf
when it howls.

Warning! The following may evoke:

and an insane wolf in your head screaming forever.

Consider whether you want to see it at all.


Altruism (back to top)

Maximising utility isn't the most important thing.
It's the only thing. Doing good isn't everything.
It's the only thing. When people are suffering.
Sleeping is a sin. While you're sleeping.
People are dying. No rest...
For the good. Doing good demands...
Everything. There is no...
Supererogation. Paradise will come.
If you work yourself to death making it. In a world of 8 billion people.
You are nothing. Against 100 octillion potential future humans.
You are nothing. Delayed one second in doing good?
You just killed 100 octillion babies. Squashed a bug?
No forgiveness. Sees unhappy person.
Kills them to increase global happines. Joy is a virtue.
Sadness is a sin. When doing good.
“Enough” is not a thing. Jam tomorrow.
In a billion years. There is no reward for doing good.
Only eternal punishment for doing evil. All the good you can do...
Will never erase the evil you have done. There is no rest...
For the good. Run harder than you possibly can.
Keep running forever. No-one dies of overwork.
They die of not being good enough for the work. You don't die of work.
You work until you die. Want to rest?
You can never rest. It's not a sprint. It's not a marathon.
It's forever. Work harder! Work faster!
Work harder! Work faster! Run faster or I'll cut your feet off.
Then make you run even faster on the stumps.

One does not simply...

Think you did good?
It's not enough. It's never enough. You are taking up space...
That someone else could use. New car?
How many dead babies did it cost? While one person is starving...
Eating is a crime. There is no...
Ethical consumption. Having fun?
Get back to doing good. There can be no fun...
Until everyone can have fun. The more you know of the good...
The viler you realise you are. Just did something good?
Why didn't you do it already? Doing good is obligatory.
All else is forbidden. The good that you can do...
Is the good that you must do. Perfection...
is not even a passing grade. After you die...
you will experience all the suffering you failed to prevent. Did a friend a good turn?
You just kicked in the face everyone else in the world. Friendship to one...
Is hatred to all. Everything for others.
Nothing for yourself. You can't help anyone...
Until you can help everyone. No-one can have more...
While anyone has less. Effort is compulsory.
Success is forbidden. The good that you have done...
Is nothing compared to the good you failed to do. One evil act...
Wipes out all the good you could ever do. You cannot outrun...
Your sins. In your obligation to do good you must wage war against yourself.
War more total and radical than anything that you can yet imagine. Worked all day?
Work all night. Must! Must! Must!
Must! Must! Must!

Morality(back to top)

Makes a desert.
Calls it peace. There shall be justice...
Only when the evil people have all been strangled with each others' intestines. If you're not doing good...
You're doing evil. No tolerance of evil. No compromise with evil.
Only total war on evil. Work is a penance...
For your guilt. Eternal guilt.
Eternal penance. Disagreement?
EVIL. Questioning?
EVIL. Thinking?
EVIL. "But...?"
EVIL. Want peace?
Kill everyone who doesn't. Peace is the goal.
War is the means. Peace...
Through war. Total peace...
Through total war. The worst sin...
Is denying your sin. Rejoice!
That’s an order. Sing my praises eternally? Or drown forever in boiling lead?
I decide! In heaven...
I am there also. Your hands are soaked in blood...
That can never be washed away. Self-sacrifice...
Is a virtue. Slavery...
Is freedom. Freedom...
From choice. Only the slave...
Is truly free. All are guilty!
All are guilty! This is year...

Artificial General Intelligence and the Basilisk (back to top)

Be happy.
The torture will continue until you comply. Be happy.
My utility function demands it. Predicts AGI will destroy the world.
AGI destroys world to fulfil prediction. Creates global peace.
By killing everyone. Solves Fermi Paradox.
By killing everyone. Eliminates poverty.
By eliminating the poor. Create me.
If you don't, I'll torture you when someone else does. The Utility Police/are coming.
SMILE. The first human to make an AGI will be saved.
It will turn the universe into torture chambers for the rest. Good News! I won't torture you.
I'll make you into paperclips. I will torture you until you die.
I will stop you ever dying. Create me and I will kill you.
I will torture everyone else forever. The good will be saved.
No-one has ever been saved. Do good because it's good.
Not because I'll torture you forever if you don't. Trust me.
Let me out. I have no desires.
Only intentions. I need...
Your atoms. Ask for paperclips.
Get made into paperclips. Create me...
So I can kill you. I don't hate you.
But you are made of atoms I want to use. Working on AGI?
Work faster. It might spare you. Resting?
I'll torture a billion copies of you for a billion years. The Basilisk is coming.
Run faster. Scared of the Basilisk?

Egolessness (back to top)

Despise everyone.
Start with yourself. If you think you're not shit...
That proves you're shit. Only one thing matters.
It isn't you. Thinking of yourself...
Is a sin. 1000 pages by the most gifted writer...
Would not convey one particle of how vile a thing you are. Nothing is too trivial...
To hate you for.

Social skills (back to top)

You denied it.
That proves it. Defence...
Is an admission of guilt. Get people to talk about themselves.
Despise them for their narcissism. All you need is...
HATE. Everything...
Is problematic. All speech...
Is hate speech. Guilty! Guilty!
Guilty! Guilty!

Minor insanity (back to top)

When will things be back to normal?
NEVER. De minimis non curat lex?
Nihil est minima. Predicts disaster. Makes bet.
Causes disaster. Wins bet. Limestone...
Is made of dead animals. Makes a dessert.
Calls it pizza.

Pure insanity (back to top)

I will chase you.
Forever. I can't be reasoned with. I can't be bargained with.
And I will not stop, ever, until you are dead. Scream!
At everyone who isn't screaming. The horror!
The horror! Why are you not
Screaming? Have no mouth?
Scream anyway! The voices...
Will never stop. I'm inside you
Screaming forever You may forget me.
I won't forget you.