Carceri D'Invenzione (IX)

Doorway Surmounted by a Colossal Wheel-shaped Opening

The road ends at the foot of a mountain. Stairs leads up to a stone doorway in the face of the cliff, crudely hewn from massive, roughly finished blocks. As you approach, under the fading light of day and a lowering sky, strange tricks of perspective give the cracks and fissures in the mountain face above the door an elusive sense of meaning, as if they were a gigantic etching of what lies beyond the door. But they do not yield their secret.

There are many thystles here.

A raven flies out of the gloom and perches on a ledge. "Raak," it cries. "Raak. Raak." The whole scene trembles for an instant, as if the dreamer were turning in his sleep.

Exits: west, knock, east